We provide the following services:

Individual Therapy

These services generally comprise the bulk of the psychological work we provide. There is no replacement for sitting with an open and objective therapist, who can truly hear you and help you work through life’s greatest challenges. Individual therapy generally consists of an initial intake session, and then weekly 45-50 minute sessions thereafter. Sometimes, it may be more appropriate for a client to come in biweekly, and sometimes we meet every other week - it just depends on the needs that you have.

Family Therapy

This includes therapy done with the entire nuclear family that lives within your home, or may include adult children if they currently live outside of your home. Family therapy is typically recommended in most situations when an adolescent is being seen for individual therapy, as an adjunct and complement to the work they are doing on an one-on-one basis. Family work can be very challenging, and also very healing, and it requires the commitment of all family members to make changes in and outside of the therapy room.

Couples/Marital Therapy

Similarly to family therapy, couples work is done when two individuals come in for therapy together. They are then seen by the therapist together to address issues that may be presenting themselves within the relationship. Some common topics that are addressed in marital or couples work can include communication issues, setting boundaries, addressing intimacy issues, or working through conflicts. Please note that a couple does not have to be married to attend couples therapy together.

Psychological Assessment & Evaluations

As psychologists, we received specialized training in a number of different psychological testing measures, in order to assess areas of functioning ranging from intelligence (IQ) to academic achievement to personality functioning. We can conduct testing that allows for diagnostic clarification, that helps to set and specify treatment goals, and to provide information that might help one move through stuck points in therapy. While we are not neuropsychologists or school psychologists, we can provide assessments when there are concerns about attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and learning disabilities, or issues related to academic performance.

VA Diagnostic Assessments

We are currently independent contractors within the state of Florida to provide Compensation & Pension examinations for U.S. military veterans in need of initial or follow-up evaluations. Please contact your local VA for more information on how to obtain these services, if you are a veteran in need of a C&P exam.

Our Mission

As doctors of psychology, we abide by the American Psychological Association’s code of ethics and conduct all of our services with our ethical code in the forefront of our minds. We believe that sound research can go hand-in-hand with the human connection found within the therapy room, and believe that these two aspects of therapy can help to elicit change in a profound way. We hope to join our clients where they are at, and strive to provide inclusive therapy that is informed by nonjudgment, acceptance, and dignity. We believe every person is important and deserving of respect, and hope to convey this with each person who passes through our door.

Cost of services:

$165.00 - Individual therapy

$175.00 - Family therapy

At this time, we do not accept insurance. We are happy to speak with you about contacting your insurance company to find out if you can submit for out-of-network coverage.