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Alexander Chin, Psy.D.

Licensed Psychologist



I am delighted that you have found our website in your search for help. Through my years in training and now as a licensed psychologist, I have seen time and again that it is not easy to decide to seek help and support. Whether you face or have experienced life altering changes, social hardships, suffer from mental illness, or are seeking to “upgrade” your life, you may have found that talking with someone else about your hopes, dreams and fears can be so difficult.

I don’t expect you to know exactly what is wrong, what you want or need to do to change, or where you are going. I have worked with individuals who have no history of therapy, or are therapy “veterans”. Many with whom I have worked have found that they have been stuck in repeated behavioral, cognitive and emotional cycles of self-defeat, often due to anxiety, depression or trauma. Although they may have been surviving, they were not thriving. I don’t believe that being 100% healthy is a requirement to be successful in life, however, you have a unique opportunity to make change in your life. Part of the journey of counseling or therapy is bringing light to those areas in life that are darkest, and through sharing in this, change, growth and healing can occur.

Additionally, I have a great deal of experience in providing psychological testing, also called psychological assessment or evaluation. This is often needed when psychotherapy fails to progress despite a therapist and client’s best efforts, or when there are concerns about obtaining an accurate diagnosis. If you have questions about this, please see our assessment page or send us an email! I have been a referral source for many outpatient clinicians and residential treatment facilities, often to identify the presence of personality disorders or severe mental illness.

If you are ready to begin this journey, please contact me or Dr. Ashley. We would look forward to seeing if we would be a good fit to walk in this process with you.

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